David Wiedenfeld, PhD

Senior Manager | CFA, CPA

David is an experienced financial professional who has been preparing and reviewing business valuations for various purposes for over ten years. He holds a CFA® charter and is a California-licensed CPA with attest experience.  He earned a PhD in organic chemistry from Columbia University during his first career as a chemist.

Professional Experience

Business Valuation: Mr. Wiedenfeld has valued various forms of legal entities in many industries (including, but not limited to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, software, hardware, fintech, social media, real estate and security holdings, restaurants, manufacturing, and semiconductor industries). Client companies range in size from pre-revenue to $500M in annual revenues with concluded values ranging from no value to over one billion dollars (unicorn). The valuations prepared were used in financial statement reporting, tax compliance (such as gift and estate tax, charitable donation, exit tax, entity conversion, and IRC 409A purposes), strategic planning, and litigation support purposes. The appraisals prepared have met the reporting requirements, technical expectations, and scrutiny of the IRS and FTB, the “Big 4” accounting firms, and many mid-size accounting firms.

Complex Securities: One of Mr. Wiedenfeld’s areas of expertise is the valuation of complex securities. Examples include performance-based vesting equity grants, embedded derivatives such as debt conversion features, change of control features, and options, and hybrid securities that require complex financial and statistical modeling, which often involve simulations.

Chemistry Research and Teaching Experience

After earning his PhD, David had a 15-year career in academia with ten years at the full-time independent professor level.  He coauthored over twenty publications in leading journals such as the Journal of the American Chemical Society, Tetrahedron Letters, and Synthesis.  His research focused on developing new synthetic methods and synthesizing new molecules to study reaction mechanisms and molecular properties.