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Value is our passion. We provide defensible and reasonable valuations customized to your needs and regulator expectations. At Redwood, you are not just a cog in the wheel of a black box, online valuation database. Our exceptional service acknowledges your value.

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IP Valuations: Determining the worth of Your Intellectual Property

Our client base is large and diverse and ranges from early stage start-ups in artificial intelligence and robotics, to token valuations for blockchain entities, to pre-FDA cleared medical devices, to late-stage chemical conversion companies, to mature Private Equity-backed portfolio companies generating over $1 billion dollars of annual revenue. Our background in venture capital helps us understand the structures and environments you work in.

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Patent Valuations: Assigning a Value to Your Patents

With over 100 years of combined valuation experience, we provide top-tier expertise and client service at a reasonable price. Our experience as CFOs and Controllers of venture firms and startups separates us from our competitors who lack the boots-on-the-ground experience that our clients have, which we also share.

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Valuation Services: IP, Patents, and More

Customized Reports

Our reports are customized to include details specific to your business and industry. Our reports capture both subjective and objective factors relevant to your business.

Audit Defense

Our standard valuations include guaranteed audit defense at any time without the high costs incurred by most other valuation firms.

Free Consultations

We provide free consultations to help our clients succeed. We can refer them to other top-tier professionals when non-valuation services are required.

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