Intellectual property evaluation and IP valuation services are an essential undertaking in certain situations. Over the last few decades, the business world has changed markedly. Now, a company’s value is decided not so much by its machines and facilities and other hard assets, but by its processes, ideas, and designs – that is, its intellectual property. And that’s why intellectual property valuing is such an important part of determining the overall value of a business.

Often for early-stage companies, the ability to obtain financing may rely on determining the value of their intellectual property (IP). Once the value of the IP has been accurately determined, the value of the entire enterprise may be easily estimated for IP reliant companies.

Ensuring a correct IP valuation requires the correct expertise and experience in order to fully understand the intricacies that drive the value of the subject IP. Our experts have performed numerous IP valuations to help companies both make strategic internal decisions and execute successful spinouts. We specialize in technology and life-science IP assets and have the resources and technical expertise to help our clients secure a successful outcome.

The Purpose

An IP Valuation is used to fair value any IP that an entity may hold. Typically, these are performed for compliance, strategic, and tax purposes.

Our Services

Some core services offered by Redwood include:

  • The valuation of patents (which includes individual patents, patent families, and group patents), as well the valuation of related intangible assets like trademarks.
  • The valuation, led by the value of intellectual property, of a company’s internal business units or of the company as a whole.