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With a passion for service and an understanding of the start-up process, Redwood Valuation Partners is here to help you. We possess expert knowledge in finance, tax planning, venture capital issues including issuing stock options or auditing your company post IPO.

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Redwood Valuation Partners was formed behind one simple idea: service positioning as the most respected company across the industry via quality, timeliness, and expertise. With our collective experience in the business finance landscape, taxes, and audit processes we understand all the difficulties that come along with starting up any new business; we also know exactly where the best opportunities lay for each type of business, from experience!

Let us help you so you can get started right away on a path towards growth.

Experienced Valuations Experts

Redwood Valuation is a premier business valuation firm serving New York City. We have over 50 years of combined experience and extensive resources to provide an accurate, thorough evaluation that takes into account every aspect of your company’s unique situation.

Redwood Valuation strives for accuracy and specificity – not just on numbers but also with our customized approach tailored specifically around each individual client’s needs.

Business Valuation New York

The geography of New York City’s tech scene, like that of the city itself, is constantly changing. Many neighborhoods have become hotbeds for tech offices. The tech sector is being on the rise here in New York. It’s estimated that more than 100,000 people are now working at one of the thousands of tech companies in the city and the tech industry has grown by almost 75 percent in the past ten years. The wages have followed this trend, and with good reason.

With so much capital circulating in New York, it can be a daunting task to pick the right valuation company for your business. That’s why we’re here!

Venture funding is growing as well. In fact, the amount of startups based in New York CIty that received some form of venture funding rose 1/3 between 2007 and 2011. That was 10 years ago, while now venture funding has risen even more despite the recent crisis.

Redwood Valuation has years of venture capital and startup valuation experience. We believe that our unique experience in New York will provide the dynamic and vibrant New York community with a valuable resource uncommon in the region.

If you plan to issue stock options in the next twelve months or have any questions about potential valuations, give us a call for a free consultation and we will give you candid advice about whether a valuation may be needed and how we might help. Our goal is to help our clients achieve their desired goals with minimal burden.

409A Valuation New York

The Redwood team is committed to providing creative, high-quality valuation services for clients in the New York area and all over northeastern America. We have particular expertise with IRC 409A stock options valuations, ASC 820 portfolio company evaluations, ASU 805 purchase price allocation, as well as IP appraisals of patents as well as other products such as impairment values or carried interest calculations.

Company Appraisal New York – New York Valuation Company

Our team of valuation experts and business analysts are highly experienced in their fields, with more than fifty years in aggregate industry experience. We employ the top valuations practices that result from our hands-on work as CFOs and Controllers at venture firms. Our understanding of startups is unmatched by any other firm on this list because we know what it’s like to be one!

With over fifty years’ worth of managerial expertise between us, you’ll get a fair price for your project backed up by high-quality service – don’t settle for anything less!

Our New York valuation team can help you find out the fair market value of your company. We offer cost-effective 409A, ASC 805, ASC 820, and Business Valuation Reports built on years of experience evaluating common and preferred equity as well as stock options, patents, or venture capital transactions.

The assessment that we provide is the most competent and complete project documentation you can use in mergers and acquisition purchase prices just like private equity investments with a wide range of industries from healthcare to retail to the entertainment industry. In short – if you’re looking for someone who knows what they’re doing then look no further.

With Redwood Valuations, you know that your business and its future are in good hands. You have direct access to not only our professional valuation experts but also the managing partners at the company who will work with you throughout every aspect of valuing your growing enterprise.

The reason we keep this personal relationship is that it allows us all – clients included- to focus on what matters most: making sure you reap all of the benefits of your hard work!

The Value of Our Business Valuations Service New York

Business valuation is a must for serious business owners. Finding an accurate estimate of your company’s worth can be difficult, but our New York experts are standing by at Redwood Valuation to take the guesswork out of it.

With many years in this field and with extensive preparation before every appraisal, you’ll find that we’re always happy to provide reliable estimates on NYC businesses (or ones outside its borders).


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