At Redwood Valuation Partners we perform independent business valuations and purchase price allocations to help companies comply with the requirements of ASC 805 (previously SFAS No. 141R), which includes determining the fair value of the transaction consideration, intangible assets, liabilities, and certain tangible assets as of the date of acquisition, and to allocate the value of the purchase consideration to the identifiable tangible and intangible assets acquired. We work closely with clients to understand the unique facets of the acquisition and correctly ascribe value to the tangible and intangible assets that have been purchased.


Business owners are often expected to complete a PPA for tax and financial reporting purposes after completion of a successful acquisition. For tax purposes, both the buyer and the seller must report their own understanding of the PPA and assure they each report the same fair market value information since the IRS audits both parties. For financial reporting, assets acquired and liabilities assumed must be marked to market in accordance with the laws of the relevant jurisdiction (typically GAAP or IFRS) in order to allocate the purchase price amongst the tangible and intangible assets acquired, including goodwill.

Our Services

Redwood has completed thousands of valuations and is a leading provider of ASC 805 valuations. Our team of highly qualified specialists can provide accurate, timely, and unbiased opinions of value that withstand scrutiny by auditors, attorneys, lenders, and regulatory agencies. Our focus on valuation enables us to attain the highest level of technical proficiency and maintain the highest valuation standards.