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Our clients have direct access to Redwood’s managing partners and directors. You know your business better than anyone, and the valuation process includes subjective assessments that require your input.

We guide you through this process, save your time, and allow you to focus on what matters – growing your business.

With over 50 years of combined valuation experience, we provide top-tier expertise and client service at a reasonable price. Our experience as CFOs and Controllers of venture firms and startups separates us from our competitors who lack the boots-on-the-ground experience that our clients have, which we also share.  Offering cost effective 409A Valuations Reports; Years of experience evaluating equity, stock options, patents, purchase price,

The Redwood team has performed many IRC 409A Valuation engagements, and we offer a wide variety of business appraisals.  Other services include ASC 805 valuation (purchase price allocations), IP valuation, patent valuation, impairment valuation, carried interest valuation, portfolio valuations, IRC 382 valuations, and many other types of stock valuations and business valuations.

Specializing in the following forms of valuations and appraisals:

409A Valuation | 409A Valuations | 409A Valuation Report | IRC 409A Valuation | IRS 409A Valuation | Stock Options | Fair Market Value of Stocks | Valuation Startup | 490A Tax Code | Business Appraisal | IRC 382 Valuation | ASC 805 Appraisal | ASC 718 Valuation | 409A Safe Harbor | FASB 141 | Restricted Stock Valuations | M&A Valuation | Limited Calculation | Valuation Costs | Valuation Reports | Purchase Price | IP Valuation | Patent Valuation | Equity Valuation | and more…