A business valuation is generally performed to place a fair market value on a given business or entity. Often understanding the value of a business assists in its corporate, financial, and strategic decision making. It is crucial to select the right advisor when performing these types of valuations as often times the significant capital decisions are based off of the resulting analysis.

The Purpose

Securing a Business Valuation can be crucial in deciding what strategic path a business should take. Some instances in which a Business Valuation is conducted are:

  • Before or during the fundraising process, to aid in negotiations and secure a favorable outcome
  • Before or during a debt financing to aid in the process and fulfill bank covenants
  • When considering potential merger & acquisition activity
  • When considering strategic maneuvers including partnerships, joint-ventures, and spin-outs
  • When considering outcome-based uses of capital expenditure

Our Services

Redwood has completed thousands of valuations and our team of valuation specialists have a diverse background of experience, including venture capital, corporate finance, early stage start-up, and financial services. Our holistic perspective sets us apart from other specialists as we do not just see a business through a compliance or audit lens, but instead see it as an investor or internal strategy team would. We pride ourselves on providing thorough and accurate analyses in order to advise our clients on making the correct strategic decision to ensure the best possible outcome.