In September 2017, Silicon Valley Bank announced the sale of its valuation arm to eShares, Inc (SVB Analytics valuation to eShare). As we have discussed with countless clients in the last 10 years, the continuity of a firm’s team and business is critical when choosing a valuation firm. Now that eShares acquisition of SVB’s valuation business has been confirmed, many SVB clients may be left to their own devices to defend SVB’s previous valuation reports since eShares may not be willing or able to defend those reports.

In addition to its low touch service, eShares does not offer a transparent pricing structure and is venture backed, which adds a level of financing risk to eShares that is not ideal for valuation providers. If eShares goes out of business, both eShares’ and SVB Analytics’ clients could be left without audit support.

Founded in 2007, Redwood Valuation Partners has delivered over 3,000 valuation reports to more than 700 venture and private equity backed clients worth more than $200 billion in total assets. At Redwood Valuation Partners, we take a traditional approach by providing high levels of service and expertise to our clients. Our clients know that Redwood will be around for years to come, providing trusted advice that has become the hallmark of our practice.

If you were an SVB client before this transaction, we are currently offering discounted rates to transition you to Redwood, and we will also provide audit support for your previous valuations from SVB analytics.

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